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Yodel Conference 10
Was held between 23 - 26 July 1998 at Gyproc. The number of visitors were ~50 people. Our sponsors was Consensus for the demo compo and Campino for food supply.

We also introduced our new party system, Yodel Party Administrator System (Y.P.A.S). Written in Java and Perl and runned through a standard browser. The system can handle pizza and cola orderering and also all voting.

Demo compo:

1:st place
The Summoning / Boar
The Summoning - 553kb The Summoning - 553kb
YC 10Demo1:st546 416 bytes

2:nd place
Alien One / Neurotica
Alien One - 1500kb Alien One - 1500kb
YC 10Demo2:nd1 577 836 bytes

3:rd place
XITE / PW-inc
XITE - 676kb XITE - 676kb
YC 10Demo3:rd692 581 bytes

Graphix compo:

1:st place
Juice - imp/Boar
Juice - 1007kb
YC 10Graphic1:st1 126 198 bytes

2:nd place
Coffy the Robot - Colorblind/Neurotica
Coffy the Robot - 263kb
YC 10Graphic2:nd270 291 bytes

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