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IAQUO for PSX (CDRWIN image + EXE) - The first production from Yodel for the PlayStation platform. A movie clip of the entire demo in PAL VideoCD compatible MPEG format can be downloaded here

You can get the movie that placed second in the wild compo at The Gathering 2000 here.

Staffan and Kalle was creative at The Gathering 99 and made a smaller production Hostile Planet. Despite the small size it´s a very cool clip. Get the full sized Mpeg(2.8MB) or the full size Indeo video 5(10MB). Go to Staffans homepage for more info.

Our second WILD production, Bad Wafers, was released at The Party 98, made by Staffan Lincoln and Ludvig Linge featuring a cool hero and some bad wafers.

You can look at some screenshots , watch it in RealVideo (you´ll need the G2-player) or get the 26MB movie here.

At The Gathering we entered a Wild competition for the very first time. Kalle and Micke made a production called Halucimations.

It is a 4.20 minutes voyage in Kalles apartment before leaving for The Gathering. Starring as movie stars are Kalle and Micke. More and more strange things are taking place in the apartment and it all ends when .... But why should I tell you ???

There are some screenshots to look at and here you can the whole movie (45 MB). (image map)

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