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Fake Graphics ???
Resemblance between pictures that are participating in graphic compos and pictures that you see in real life happens more often. Here are two examples of that. Itīs up to you to judge them and their creators. There are also a No-copy project going on.

As I (Funboy) use to say, if you want to do something real then do it on a c64 (it might be so that there aprox. 10000 other C64-users that have said the same) , anyway at Albion C64 Gallery are some graphics that you really should take a look at.
The picture above was done by Kidlove/Haujobb and entered the pixel compo at TP7.
The picture below are from a Josh Winks music CD, itīs not exactly the same like the one above, but definitive from the same serie of photos. Josh Wink
The picture above was done by TMK/Inf and took the second place at TG97ī.
The picture below are a poster from a movie called Elisa with Vanessa Paradise in the main role. Elisa Poster

// Funboy

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