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After some months with my new computer, (the PC) I started to get nightmares, I woke up all cold but still my whole body was sweaty, night after night the dreams came back to me. After some days I had been dreaming of contacts not returning my stamps, my REU that didnīt work and TRIAD releasing demos and intros at a rapid speed. this was a clear sign that I need to get a C64 again.

So what was the alternative ?? As I was out of a TV and also out of money I couldnīt use the ordinary C64, and the word emulators had always had a bad impact on me, but maybe it was the best alternative right now.

I sniffed up the WIN32 port of The Frodo C64 Emulator (ver 4.0.2) and booted it. And was amazed. The skin began to creep and I saw my whole youth fly by, old friends handles flashing by, the first experince of a computer party and so on.

After I have runned some old demos and played some even older games, I connected to the Net again and started to search for some more demos and I wasnīt very surprised when I saw that the C64 was still alive. If you want to fetch demos and other good things then I recommend a visit to:

How does the actually emulator work on a PC then ??? Well, sometimes the graphics bugs out, but thatīs all that I have noticed. You can run a special version of the emulator that are more precise (FrodoSC, single cycle), but slower, and then the graphics bugs are gone, but now the music might start to sound strange.

The files are stored in a format called .d64, which can explained as a disk-image. Itīs a exact copy of the floppy disc, and are the only way that you can run iffl-loaders and trackmos with. Onefilers are often stored as ordinary .prg files, sometimes pakced with Lynx.

If you want to transfer your C64 software to the PC then you can use a program called Star Commander (for help take a look at their homepage) and you need to build a x1541 cable.

If you want to run a C64 and you are not a PC-user itīs not a problem, becasue Frodo are also available on BeOS, Unix, MacOs and AmigaOS.

Well, nothing more to write. If you have any questions about Frodo then email me.

Screen shots from some good old C64 demos:
(more will follow from other groups too :) )
Promethous Unbound / Flash Inc
Mind Control / Triad
Mind Control / Triad
No Control / Triad
Channel 64 / Flash Inc

// Funboy
(once known as Rave/Triad) (image map)

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