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Change in results of the Wild demo competition at ASSEMBLY ´02
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An official, joint news release from ASMORG and Yodel 07.08.2002 - authors Abyss / ASMORG and Snooky / Yodel

Due to miscommunication between ASMORG compo organizers and Yodel members and a failure on the part of ASMORG, a previously released entry by Yodel Street Unit called "What´s up (in da gangstahood)" was entered into the Wild demo competition at ASSEMBLY ´02, was qualified to the big screen and eventually won the second prize in this competition.

Although Yodel did it best to make sure that ASMORG personnel were aware of the release of the entry in August 2001, the entry was allowed to compete due to failure in ASMORG compo processes. Yodel was aware of the rules forbidding the use of previously released material in compos, but did not interpret the rules as meant by the organizers.

The parties have now agreed to give the said entry a "no rating" result. The entry has NOT been disqualified (because the mistake was on part of the organizers, not the competiting team).

The Wild Demo competition results are changed as follows:

1. 6414p The Way Out by Unreal Voodoo
2. 2356p The Fellow Chip by Amazement
3. 2238p Project Kazama Hunt by C.C.C.P. Productions
4. 1358p Saberianist - Sapelittaja by Miesmacher
5. 1124p Ratsia V by tAAt
6. 1041p Pilt.tv by jadajada
7. 942p Losing Victoria by Gasman / Hooy-Program
8. 857p Furiae by Fragile
9. 560p Naapuri by Episent Productions
10. 510p Do whatever you want to me by Kahvila Multimedia Systems
11. 479p The Jumping Duck Factory by Mendel/Citec
12. 333p Action Unknown by Trash Video
n/a 2467p What´s up (in da gangstahood) by Yodel Street Unit

The prize for the second place will be returned by Yodel and ASMORG will award the prizes for the new second and third place winners.

ASMORG officially apologizes for the problem and undertakes actions to make sure that similar errors do not occur in the future,

ASMORG wants to point out that in its opinion Yodel is not responsible for the mistake and believes that the team should not be discredited because of the mistake.

ASMORG and Yodel want to state that they hold no grudges over the matter and that the matter has been concluded in a civil way. Yodel is already planning their compo entries for next year´s ASSEMBLY and wishes everybody to know that despite the problem, ASMORG and Yodel remain at friendly terms.

ASMORG and Yodel want to congratulate the new winners in the Wild demo competition!

-- Abyss / ASMORG and Snooky / Yodel


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